Setting up ATI remote wonder with evdev

Using the official mythtv wiki I managed to get my ATI remote working without lirc on one of my boxes running Ubuntu 11.10. Unfortunately the trick, for some reason, didn’t work on 12.04.

I found a solution on the mythtvtalk forum, using evdev.conf file instead of a statement in xorg.conf

We need to install a patched evdev-driver that will understand keys greater than 255 by giving access to the “event_key_remap option”.

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mythtv db update postinstall fails, wrong password

It happened me several times:

During updating mythtv-database package the root password is used. The postinstall script will use mysql password stored in the debconf db, but if in the meantime the mysql rootpassword has changed, the update will break.
To reveal the “old” password, this little script might help:

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LCD on Fusion remote black

I had some difficulties to enable the LCD on this HTPC. Just for reference a couple of

At first I followed the instructions as in:
The fresh build imon driver didn’t work for me.

Then I stumbled upon:, suggesting me patching the current lcdproc-0.5.2 package to use the imonlcd driver instead.

Update: in the meantime fully documented here. In short in my case:

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Mythfrontend menu not visible

Sometimes I use VNC to connect to mythboxes, starting mythfrontend from a xterminal to adjust some settings easily. I discovered that, because I set up one of them to use opengl (selected in settings), to draw the screens, the menu’s weren’t visible anymore, causing a lot of message like this:

QGLContext::makeCurrent(): Cannot make invalid context current.

Switching back to “qt” solves this. Another option is running mythfrontend with a commandline option. This overrides the opengl setting for a session:

mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=qt




It’s nice to know that many channels sitting on the same mplexid can be recorded at te same time. For example I could record four shows with two DVB-C cards:

DVB card 1 is recording a show on NED1 and NED2 on mplexid 157
DVB card 2 is recording
a show NET5 and SBS6 on mplexid 159

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Wii remote

Altijd leuk zo’n wii, maar voorlopig is ‘tie nog wel erg duur. Maar ook zonder een wii kan je al leuke dingen doen met een losse wii remote, bijvoorbeeld in combinatie met mythtv:

Even getest et-voila! Het werkt super. Vooral die ingebouwde gyroscoop functie is l33t.

Het schijnt dat je de remote ook kan gebruiken voor de “freeware” guitar hero, Frets-on-Fire, maar dat je daarvoor beter een wii guitar kunt aanschaffen. Toch eens proberen. Deze gitaar is leuk.