Zalman ZM-ve300 probs

Message: 1e partition EE

According to Zalman FAQ of the product the previous message should indicate that the legacy MBR is followed by an EFI header and that it could be solved with: In “Disk Manager”, please delete current volume and make a new volume.

Unfortunately it didn’t work.
I was still left with a EFI partition at the beginning of my disk which I could not remove. I don’t know how it got there, I think by mistake connecting it to my MAC and adjusting partitions.
I decided to try diskpart from the commandline:

– Start an elevated CMD prompt
– To list all disks type:

list disk

– determine the disknumber
– select the disk with

select disk x

(where x is the correct disknumber)
– Delete all partitions:


– I discovered that the disk was for some reason a GPT disk. It shouldn’t, so I converted it to MBR with:

convert mbr

Then I created an NTFS partition on the disk using diskmanager.
On that disk I created a directory: _iso en put in all the iso-files I needed
After disconnect en reconnect the drivedisplay no longer showed the error-message and the drive was functional again.

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