3ware Raid Controller Switch of autoverify

To switch of the autoverify feature on a 3ware controller which can be a real performance killer do the following:

From the console, enter the 3ware cli and first check the current status

tw_cli /c0/u0 show autoverify

/c0/u0 Auto Verify Policy = on

As you can see the autoverify feature is on Auto Verify Policy = on. If your raid controller is also c0 and you unit is u0 you may use the following command. Please check this first with the command:

tw_cli /c0 show

Do not just copy and paste. If c0 doesn’t work try a higher number it depends on which pci slot your controller is in.

tw_cli /c0/u0 set autoverify=off

Setting Auto-Verify Policy on /c0/u0 to [off] … Done.

Check the autoverify settings:

tw_cli /c0/u0 show autoverify

/c0/u0 Auto Verify Policy = off

That’s it no more autoverify. Please make sure to check you raid status regularly to detect problems.

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