Setting up ATI remote wonder with evdev

Using the official mythtv wiki I managed to get my ATI remote working without lirc on one of my boxes running Ubuntu 11.10. Unfortunately the trick, for some reason, didn’t work on 12.04.

I found a solution on the mythtvtalk forum, using evdev.conf file instead of a statement in xorg.conf

We need to install a patched evdev-driver that will understand keys greater than 255 by giving access to the “event_key_remap option”.

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mythtv db update postinstall fails, wrong password

It happened me several times:

During updating mythtv-database package the root password is used. The postinstall script will use mysql password stored in the debconf db, but if in the meantime the mysql rootpassword has changed, the update will break.
To reveal the “old” password, this little script might help:

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