ssh password prompt delay

When connecting through ssh locally I often mention a delay after username is entered and before the system is prompting for a password.

An easy way to prevent this delay is to edit:


and add this line

UseDNS no

Restart the ssh daemon after this:

/etc/init.d/ssh restart

Nagios3 on Ubuntu 10.04

After installing nagios3 on Ubuntu 10.04 I needed a couple of configchanges.
After reading this, I would suggest the following:

Download a msi installer for nsclient from here. In that way you don’t have to install the service manually.

Check windows machines with: /usr/lib/nagios-plugins/nt.cfg

– Remove the  ‘  characters
– specify port: 12489
– Expand commandline with:  $ARG2, $ARG3 $ARG4
– Change ‘windows-server’ to ‘generic-host’

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