Mythfrontend menu not visible

Sometimes I use VNC to connect to mythboxes, starting mythfrontend from a xterminal to adjust some settings easily. I discovered that, because I set up one of them to use opengl (selected in settings), to draw the screens, the menu’s weren’t visible anymore, causing a lot of message like this:

QGLContext::makeCurrent(): Cannot make invalid context current.

Switching back to “qt” solves this. Another option is running mythfrontend with a commandline option. This overrides the opengl setting for a session:

mythfrontend -O ThemePainter=qt



Tweaking Mythbuntu

For some time I’m running mythbuntu on one of my mythtv frontends. This because I could not get my ATI wonder to work with lirc in Debian Lenny. By using a mythbuntu livecd I discovered that this remote just worked. First I decided to copy the correct lirc config files to my Debian box, but that did not solve the problem for some reason. Because I did not have the time to troubleshoot I installed mythbuntu on the harddisk. This mythbuntu version is based on the ubuntu Jaunty distro.

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