Annoying firefox extension corruption

Recently i discovered that on a Win XP box the noscript add-on within Firefox 3.5.6 had stopped working. I tried several things to solve this issue, without any succes:

– Reinstalling the add-on
– Recreation of profile using “firefox -profilemanager”
– Even purging and reinstalling firefox form scratch

After several days I stumbled upon:

Close Firefox and delete the following files from the profile dir:

  • extensions.cache
  • extensions.ini
  • extensions.rdf

It helped me out. I even discovered that I had to delete these extention files every time I installed a new extention(!) Very odd if you ask me.

Waar is het analoge tv kanalenoverzicht gebleven?

Iemand? Rekam en Caiway besluiten in hun onmetelijke wijsheid om in het kader van de komende digitalisering, de fequenties van hun analoge kanalen ook maar gelijk niet meer op hun website af te drukken. Hoe irritant kunnen ze worden.

Van de rekam vond ik nog een zenderoverzichtje uit julie 2009. Van Caiway heb ik niets recents kunnen vinden, behalve dat wat ik op google aantrof. Ik zal ze eens een mail sturen.  Ik denk dat onderstaande nog wel aardig klopt.

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Introduction to intrusion detection

For several years using snort, letting it send me reports on a daily basis, I decided to setup up BASE, making my live easier. BASE stands for: Basic Analysis and Security Engine.

I discovered that, for using base, a snort database should be set-up. Therefore the package snort-mysql should be installed, which I did using:

sudo apt-get install snort-mysql.

And yes, it then all went wrong, ending up with an unconfigurable package.

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Some notes on backuppc


I had difficulties to restore files locally. After some testing I discovered that this restore line should work:

$Conf{TarClientRestoreCmd} = ‘/usr/bin/env LC_ALL=C sudo $tarPath -x -p’
. ‘ –numeric-owner –same-owner -v -f -‘
. ‘ -C $shareName’;

Backup using rsync

generating keys on server as backuppc user:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Then copy over the public key generated to the client to backup. Concatenate this key to: ssh authorized_keys file of a user, which files should be backup up, on this client:

cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Generate key-pair on the client and add the public key to the ssh known_hosts file of the backuppc user on the server:

cat >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Or ssh as backuppc user to this client. It will ask to add this host permanently once.


Or better:  use ssh-copy-id directly after generating with ssh-key-gen to copy over the public key and add the id automatically to your keyring:

ssh-copy-id user@server

Backup windows host using SMB
Create a backuppc user on the windows host. Using tweaktools you can hide this account from the logonscreen later if you want.
Share folders on windows host as backuppc. Give backuppc access en read rights to this folders.
Add some lines to the backuppc client file: /etc/backuppc/

$Conf{SmbShareName} = $Conf{SmbShareName} = ['folder1','folder2','folder3','folder4'];
$Conf{SmbShareUserName} = 'backuppc';
$Conf{SmbSharePasswd} = 'foobar';
$Conf{XferMethod} = 'smb';

Fire and forget.

Howto delete backups?

Check this script and run it.

To reclaim diskspace imediately (or wait overnight to let backuppc do it) run this command:

/usr/share/backuppc/bin/BackupPC_nightly 0 255

Moving the repository
Using rsync with -aH, where -H to preserve hardlinks. Otherwise after some time the destination disk will be full
Using cp, one can use: -dpR


Managing mythtv DVB channel locks

Using mythtv 0.21 livetv, when tuning into almost all of my DVB channels I got a channel lock message.
Fiddling around for a minute using google, I found this. It’s mentioned as a “bug”, apparently still not fixed in 0.22. Just run the include mythic perl script against your channels.conf file.

Before running adjust the mythtv databasesettings on line 45. Maybe perl complaines about some dependency’s. For instance, I had to install the “enum”  module, using cpan, the command: “install enum” did the job.

Note. The channels must already be imported in the database once. The script fixes the frequency tables. It does not import any channel. Importing channels must be done within mythtv-setup.